How do I make sure that my guests are entertained simultaneously?

Entertain your guests with a funny and magical show! The show "Mixed" (consisting of sketches from Fritz' one man magic shows "HUH!?!" and "AbrakapokuZ") is a mixture of stand-up comedy, improvisation, and of course magic and it is the ideal way to entertain a big group at once. The moment Fritz with a Z appears on stage, amazement and laughter will be all around!

"At the camp of student association Luna-tik Fritz gave a magical performance, which was received with a lot of enthusiasm and applause! He amazed our group with inscrutable magic, which we discussed afterwards at the bar for a very long time! Especially the trick where the cards 'flew over' from one chair to another and his craft to read minds dropped many jaws on the floor. Also, the comical angle of incidence of the magician was very appreciated. In the future, Luna-tik hopes to get amazed once more by Fritz with a Z!

Eline Jochems, student association Luna-tik

At several moments participation of and interaction with the audience is needed. Your guests will go home with a humurous and magical experience! A couple of magic effects Fritz loves to do in his show: make cards jump invisibly form one chair to another, an impossible appearance of a bill in a kiwi which was held by your guest the entire time, and the world famous cups and balls, but executed Fritz with a Z style!

"You've entertained the audience in your own unique way. Your interaction with the audience made magical miracles happen! A joke in between is delivered gracefully. We were perplexed! The audience amused themselves wonderfully. Until next time. Thank you for your performance!"

Francois van Hoof, G-football weekend

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