"I would like to compliment you for your performance during our anniversary. Both my always critical office co-workers as our guests were very enthusuastic about your magic. Hearing the reactions of a few "victims" I can conclude how mucht they were amazed and amused by your magic. Your performance added an extra dimension to this gettogether and I will happily book you again voor a next event."

Karin Salomons, Salomons Van Der Valk Lawyers

"May I take this opportunity to thank you for performing at Illusions Magic Bar, you took to the bar like a duck to water. Many magicians find working in a bar environment a bit daunting but your style had our guests warming to your Dutch charm as soon as you walked on. Your magic was commercial and very entertaining. I must admit that a few of our regulars have asked when are you returning. So when are you coming back? Once again thanks for performing at Illusions and hopefully you will be able to join us again in Bristol or Manchester."

Mark Bennett, Director Illusions Magic Bar

"The best magician I've seen in a long time!"

Rashad Houghton, musician and producer

"At first glance it looks like your normal magic tricks, but you will soon find out that FritZ is renowing and every time surprising. The show is constructed professionally, doesn't bore any moment and is talked together amusingly by FritZ. You just forget the time and so does Fritz because our show lasted from 1 hour to 1.5 hour. A real artist that takes time to give his audience a great
evening and he did an excellent good job! In 4 words: surprising, renowing, funny, complete!"

Erik van Kleef, ASML BV section Volume Install Support

"Dextrous entertainment for everybody. That is how I can describe Fritz and his magical show the best. During the collective business course that we organized in November 2008 Fritz provided a bit relaxation and entertainment between the trades in front of a divers and international audience. In short, Fritz makes wating fun and is a great entertainer with his charming personality and magical spectacle!"

Heidi Prevoo, TALENT-QUEST

"A lively Uri Geller! Good luck from the Viz."

Bert Visscher, comedian

"During the introduction of the study medicin Fritz with a Z entertained our students with his magical show on a terrific manner! His tremendous enthusiasm and the many interactions with the (big) audience provided a great enthusiasm and his magic was appreciated by loud applause. A buzz of disbelief went a few times through the room! Despite the fact that your up close, you still get the feeling that your eyes short! With his original jokes and amazing card tricks we can truly speak of a Magical Show by Fritz with a Z! We hope that in the future he can amaze us once again!"

Pieter-Jan Beckers, president FIC Faculty of Medicine 2008

"Fritz was our guest at the business meeting of FIR and Easymatch. He went undercover as one of our business associates. Once at their table our "real guests" noticed that Fritz was not just any guest. With an inimitable way he conjured magic tricks one after the other. Very clever. Enormous pace, a lof of
variation mingled with a lovely sense of humour. Everybody enjoyed it. After his presentations he workshoped a few "simple" tricks so that we could show them. Then you realize once more what a professional Fritz is. It was an exceptionally succesful event. Thank you again for your enthusiastic effort!

Femke Omvlee - FIR and Josefine Dautzenberg - Easymatch

"Like a real magician he knows how to satisfy his clients and has an eye for detail during his performance. It was incredible how good he is at what he does and how fools people in front of them. Everybody, how little their time is to watch, walks full amazenment and a smile away from him!"

Sanne Timmermans, student association Alles is Drama

"Fritz, you were amazing! We were dumbfounded (which by the way doesn't happen very often;))! The tricks were superb, you were enthusiastic, and delivered it very fun! Thank you so much for a great evening!"

Tesse Leunissen, sorority Bon'Aparte

"We had a few very succesful afternoons or evenings with Fritz with a Z. He is flexible, enthusiastic, and caring. When you book him a month, a week, or a day in advance, Fritz does his utter best to come and to modify the program to the group in front of him. Students are not the easiest audience, but Fritz involves everybody with his personal touch and he convinced everybody in our sorority. When we need a magical experience, we don't have to look that long. After all, why look further when you found it already?!"

Caroline Schermerhorn, sorority Les Sacripantes

"After I saw Fritz at the mother's day of our sorority, I was sold! We laughed a lot! So when the annual club day of the hockey club was looking for a 'special act', I knew immediately who I had to contact. Although the attendance was less than expected, Fritz made a splashing performance, which people still talk about. Thank you very much!"

Nelleke Loeffen, h.c. Mierlo

"Fritz with a Z is the new Hans Klok!"

Klaas van der Eerden, comedian

"Last Wednesday May 28 Fritz was our guest at our library in Stein. Your performance was meant as a treat to the children. And a treat it was!!!! What a swift, fun, and exciting show! Thank you so much for the energetic performance!"

Ria Pluijmakers, Biblionova Stein

"Dear Fritz, I'm very impressed by your professionality and enthusiasm as a magician. I think we are going to hear and see a lot from you in the future. What I noticed is that you make contact with your audience with a very fun and open manner; it doesn't matter if they are adults or children, you make real contact with the people and that makes the act very "accessible". I find that very special. I wish you all the best in your magical carrier and like I said, I expect to hear a lot from you in the future!!!"

Marjon Konings, RTV Maastricht

"This time as well magician Fritz surprised us with his quick wit and tricks. The first year students psychology wachted captivated and noiseless at his marvelous show. The more I contemplate, the more sure I am: this goes beyond the magic with cards and balls, this is razor-sharp interaction between the audience and superhero Fritz; this is not magic, but indeed pure psychology!"

Kristof van Royen, faculty association Luna-tik

"We enjoyed your show! The kids loved it! You were playful with them, and despite the fact that the children didn't get the (verbal) jokes, the adults however enjoyed them very much. During the interactivity you left the children in their dignity. You performed twice in a row and presented it to four different groups. Quite a feat! It's nice to see that you enjoy yourself while being interactive with the children. I think this is your strength. You provided a "colourful" contribution to the opening of our school building. Thank you for coming!"

Lilian Schoonbrood, s.b.o. Arcadia in Kerkrade

"Saturday October 18 we organised a camp for the kids between the age of 6 and 15 years. What were we going to do in the evening..? Through someone else I got in contact with Fritz with a Z. But because it was on such a short notice, I thought he was unavailable. Still, I contacted him and luckily he could make some room for us! Fritz with a Z has modified the show so that everybody can enjoy it. From the moment you walked in until you left the children were spellbound. They were captivated and laughed regarly! Even with the adults you scored points! You entertained everybody in a friendly, noisy but awesome way and everybody had to laugh during your performance.
You get an A+ from me and hope to see you again!"

Kyra van Eijsden, Maastrichtse Verkenners Band

"Fritz with a Z has given a magical dimension to the youth festival M2LIVE. With his incomprehensible magic and his great sense of humour he provided an unforgettable act. During his shows a big cloud of amazement and curiosity hovers above the spectators. I think that the magical show of Fritz is a recommendation to anybody, no matter how old they are!"

Joost van Reijzenbach, M2Live

"We thought that you and our performance were: magical, energetic, hilarious, dextrous, interactive, inspired, tropical, creative, various, entertaining, bilingual, extremely succesful, and of course totally with a Z!"

Elleke Bal, Tafelstraat 13

"During Festival Bruis 2008 Fritz provided a magic performance at Welcome at Maastricht. What an entertainer, what a comedian! It was fantastic to see how he entertained everybody and especially involved kids with his feats on stage.
His crazy faces and talent to improvise worked wonders with the audience!"

Moos Pozzo, coördinator Mondiaal Centrum and production manager Welkom in Maastricht

"Fritz with a Z, it was a whirly performance!!! Good magic brought with omedy and a lot enthusiasm! We and our guests in the hotel enjoyed it! Good luck with your show!

Suzanne, Grand Hotel Monopole Valkenburg

"Fritz is a magical entertainher who provides a interactive show where the audience falls from one amazement into another. He is definitely not your average magician, a recommendation for children and adults alike!

Jasmijn Gaemers, Breakfest Festival

"Fritz with a Z, last Saturday you gave our Halloween show an extra magical dimension. The expectations were more than met and to describe it with one word, it was excellent! Good luck and until next time!"

Huub Kessels, Kessels Automobielen BV

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