How do I make my child's special occassion unforgettable?

The children's show "Magic with colours" is actually what it reads: we are going to do magic with colours. It's a pleasant happening and a memorable way to celebrate the birthday or any other special event of your child. Imagine the smile on your child's face when Fritz make your child the star of the show!

"I've seen you before at a communion, I liked it but I was a bit shivery if your performance was suited for outdoors and for a big group of children. I can only say that it was a big success, there was chemistry between the kids and you. You had full attention and everybody interacted enthusiastically and they were mesmerized by your magic. Everybody wanted more and it was pity when the show came to an end. We will definitely book you again, hopefully with some new tricks. A recommendation for everybody who has something to celebrate!"

Karin Mevis, Brunssum

The show consists of colourful tricks with scarves and other objects that entertain both children and adults alike. With every trick help is needed from the audience and that of course provides the necessarily unique moments.

"Fritz, I would just like to say a big thank you on behalf of all the people who watched your magic show. We all thought it was very well prepared and extremely funny. Having also to give the show in English I imagine is not so easy, however you would not have noticed, the kids interacted with you and were laughing the whole way through. So Fritz with a Z - thank you for taking part in our families day Oktoberfest, it would not have been so successful had you not been there!!!!!"

Paul Munslow (event organisor), NCSA

There are different packages of this children's show. If you want more information, please contact us and Fritz will tell you everything.

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