How do I make sure that my special occasion stays fun and enjoyable?

Entertain your guests at their table! Close-up magic is the perfect way to break the ice between your guests and it enhances the enjoyable atmosphere of your special occasion.

No fuss with a stage or a microphone. Fritz with a Z comes to your guests. During drinks or cocktails, after dinner or a reception, he entertains among your guests. This way they experience the magic right under their noses.

"When you need a different approach or something extra to your party, then you need to book Fritz. During our anniversary party Fritz Entertained (with a Capital letter) our guests for two evenings. Comments such as: "I see what is happening, but that's impossible" were all over the place. With Fritz, your party will be a success. Mag(ic)nificent!"

Jean Wagemakers, Drumband Marijke Hoensbroek

It is a matter of minutes when the room is filled with laughter and applause, when Fritz with a Z entertains your guests. A few magic tricks that Fritz loves to perform: a transposition of two signatures, a pen that disappears several times (including the cap!), and a chosen card appears repeately in the pocket of Fritz with a Z!

"We were looking for a small surprise, a distraction during dinner, a little interaction among the guests. It has become that and more! You had immediate connection, their attention, and laughters on your side. It was indeed a magical experience! Thank you!!"

Mona Kunkels, Berg en Terblijt

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